Master Your Craft

We all have something that we like to do.  Whether, a sport, hobby or craft; an interest that keeps us enthralled.  This does not have to be a dream career or something with which a hopeful pipe dream is based.  It is simply a subject that brings great pleasure.

In fact, the activity carries such delight that one gets lost in time.  Hours are spent in enjoyable toil.  It requires practise to master anything.  The remarkable thing about taking part in a passion is the ability to forget all other aspects of life.  (This can be a blessing). 

When we participate in these interests for the sheer love of them, a part of our soul is touched on a deeper level.  In turn, the heart is filled with joy.  Leading to an outward pouring of positivity.  Happiness is the one thing we long to share.

Some have been discouraged from engaging in their desires and have been made to believe they are frivolous.  It is wrong to dampen one’s spirit, however well meaning.  Protecting a loved one from possible obstacles is a recipe for crushing enthusiasm.  Never take away someone’s zeal.  Destroying this trait will lead to a downward spiral of mediocrity.  If you want to be ordinary and follow the crowd, so be it.  Shaming another into a dull life is reprehensible.

Becoming an specialist in your subject is so easy these days as anyone with more knowledge than the average person is considered ‘an expert’.  It does not matter if you are labelled an ‘authority’, garner proficiency for your own ends.  Of course, help others, if and when you can but obtain mastery for your own benefit.

Do remember, no one likes a show-off.  Training oneself to be a master crafts person seldom results in boasting as the focus is on the desire not your involvement in it.

Each one of us has strengths.  Do not despair if the power is lacking where the desire resides.  In other words, interests do not equal ability.  Being good is not the goal, doing your best is.


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