Curiosity Saved The Cat (And Human)

Anyone who owns cats knows they are a curious bunch.  After the initial scattering when something or someone new invades their space their inquisitiveness gets the better of them.  They begin to explore with caution.  The first tentative steps become more bold until they are filled with confidence and daring.

This can be a great lesson for us mere mortals.  New things can be frightening and make one want to run away.  After the first fears are given in to, we would do best to allow our natural curiosity to kick in and proceed to ask questions.  An outstanding weapon against the unknown is answers.  We can not be afraid of the familiar.  Once the terrifying event becomes commonplace all anxiety disappears.

Like cats, we must concede the doubts and then permit our interest to take over.  Learning to navigate unchartered territory is the only way we can discover and grow to untold heights.  Simply because panic has caused us to hide, originally, this does not mean we have to wallow in that trepidation.

Moving on is something felines do well.  They do not replay the fear over and over.  Nor do they become permanently paralyzed by the experience.  They get scared, run and hide, let things settle down and then get on with surveying the cause of the alarm.  Our own sense of dread should be handled in the same manner.

Sanctioning the need to gain knowledge will save us from anxiety and fear.  Cats are a wise animal.  We would benefit greatly by emulating them.  Be a ‘copy-cat’ and let your curiosity eradicate all apprehension.


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