A Passion For Honesty

There are people in this world who would not know the truth, if it came up and bit them on the butt.  People who are so concerned about their own agendas, realize that honesty has no place in their lives.  Politicians come to mind.  Yet, we all direct our minds to the facts as we want to see them.  Some, call these excuses or justifications.  It amounts to the same thing.

Facing reality is easier when it aligns with the spin put on it.  We can live with that.  There is a way to cut through the rhetoric and confront honesty.  It is never amicable when we lie to ourselves.  And lifetimes are spent avoiding what is so obvious to others.

That is the thing about honesty; it is so much easier to see it in others.  The excuses we spout are legitimate reasons.  So, for those daring enough to withstand accuracy, this is how to conduct a fair assessment on whether you are living honourably.

#1- Are you truly happy?  No one can live a lie and remain unequivocally joyful.  There will, always, be something to gripe about.  Now, that includes most of us.  But then the majority of people are deceitful, even, with themselves.

#2- Are you always making excuses?  When others judge you (as they will) do you find a quick explanation bursting from your lips?  The truth rarely needs to be justified.  Allow others to thinks badly if that is what they choose to do.  It hurts them more than you.

And lastly, #3- Watch ones actions.  This is the quickest, most reliable way to get to the truth.  If a person says one thing but acts in the opposite direction, you can bet their words are,only, being used to placate.  This works with yourself as well.  It may be harder to admit it but step back and consider.

The passion for honesty is not about making others wrong so you can be right.  It is living the truth and sticking to your word.  Whether that is given to another or yourself.  It takes a great deal of love and respect to live with a forthright and authentic attitude.  Remember, no one is perfect.  However sticking, as close as you can, to the truth will improve everything.


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