See It Through

Starting new things, at this time of year, can be fun and easy.  New Year’s resolutions continue and have not been given up on, as of yet.  The intention to persist is still strong.

We all begin projects or activities with the design of completing them.  Yet, often, life takes over or we convince ourselves that boredom has set in, (whatever the excuse) we will give up and not finish the race, as it were.  Then having to deal with the aftermath of that empty feeling and the dullness of knowing you are a quitter.  No one wants that experience.  It is frowned upon in most societies and ones self-respect takes a big hit.

Telling ourselves that ‘it does not matter’ or ‘we have more important things to do’ may be true on a surface level but dig deeper and it stings to walk away from something our effort has been put into.  These are the lies we tell in order to justify the fact that we have lost interest.

Accomplishing a goal, however small or inconsequential, brings with it a sense of pride and gratification.  Every act does not need lead to world domination or carry with it an enormous weight.  Starting and finishing the little things in life are far more important and personally rewarding.  

Feelings of esteem, respect and appreciation will be put to the test if we know we have not given it a damn good try.  Regardless of the words used as vindication, we cannot fool ourselves on a cellular level.  The body knows who is the cause of being let down.

There is a solution.  And that is to ‘see it through’.  ‘Finish what we start’.  It does not have to lead anywhere.  The simple act of completion will boost feelings of self-worth and reenforce an unbroken belief in our own ability.  Knowing we can push through adversity (especially of our own making) builds confidence.

Seeing a project to the end improves character.  This, alone, is worth the struggle.  Keep at it.  Accomplish all ventures.  Life will lead you to the next one.  And see that through as well.


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