The Trust Of A Pet

Have you ever had a pet who looks at you with sorrowful eyes?  There is such an unspoken love which is conveyed without a word being uttered.  It can be heartbreaking if you know the animal is unwell and there is nothing you can do.  Making that hard choice to let them go and stop the suffering is an emotional roller coaster.  Not a fun ride.

If the human is feeling down, the pet can sense it and will stick by them, giving what support they can.  It is a sweet kindness.  Not all of their confidence in people is forlorn.  They, also, reveal their trust by bringing presents of live or dead animals and expecting praise for the fabulous hunters they are.  Then there are those times, when the playful pet manages to get themselves into strife.  No matter how skittish they normally are, it is the human who they allow to rescue them.

Pets are fantastic judges of character.  People would do well to heed pet intelligence when being introduced to new individuals.  They know.  They understand.  They are excellent vibration sensors.  Most people are kind to animals but if something is off, a pet will become aware of it first.

A household animal will show their trust in numerous ways.  All of which will delight the human.  (We are suckers for approval, after all).  Fiercely loyal and willing to share their happiness; pets conduct themselves without complaint.

I, sometimes, think the animal world is far more honest with their feelings and emotions (if they possess them) than people.  They cut through the crap and are satisfied by being treated right.  They do not make many demands but we know what keeps them healthy and happy and us, humans, go out of our way to comply.  If only we would do that for each other.

The greatest day in the human/pet relationship comes when your dog, cat, or whatever demonstrates that you are theirs.  Not the other way around.  This simple act of interdependence causes the heart to overflow with love.  Pets can teach so much.  Humans take note.


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