Works Of Art

Read a beautiful quote attributed to the recently deceased Carrie Fisher and thought I would share it, ‘Take your broken heart, make it into art.’  As the blog today had been designated to be about art I could not pass up the divine intervention.

Art that comes from the heart, whether broken or not, is the best.  Songwriters do this and create popular hits as almost everyone can relate to the themes.  It works for paintings, sculptures, books, blogs or anything really.  Using that bad and/or sad energy to create something good often results in an exquisite end product.  When mere mortals dig deep and share those honest feelings magnificence emerges.

The work of art that is produced has an added quality which can not be fabricated or infused on an assembly line.  Everyone has a unique take on all situations.  Having said that, bringing those emotions forward within the use of art is distinctive.  It allows strangers an insight into some raw feelings.  Yet, all of us can connect.

Making art from the heart benefits both artist and patron of the art.  Not necessarily in a monetary way (although that helps the artist to continue to work) but on a sincere, genuine level.  We are united over things which resonate.  A relationship is built that may not be in the physical realm but is on that higher emotional plateau.

Art, by its very nature, is developed to bring people (especially unknown persons) together.  Bonding over a well-loved book, song or painting has been the onset of many couples.  Friendships do exceedingly well with common interests.  I do not want to claim that art brings together more people than eHarmony or other dating websites but it is not bad (Ha!)

As a writer (of these blogs and other works) sharing the type of art that can help or entertain (both, if it is done well) is a pleasure.  One that I am happy to mete out.  If you feel so inclined please help support these humble endeavours.


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