Feed The Mind

Feeding the body is as natural as breathing.  We all know it has to be done and, without thought, meals are partaken of regularly.  Three a day and we are all good.  Our minds require the same nutritional habits.  Yet, few of us actually comply.  Yes, we can survive without learning and growing, to a certain extent.  However, to lead a rich, full life the acquisition of new ideas is a must.

Delivering sustenance to the brain with knowledge enhances every area of our person.  There are no limits on how or why human beings should continue to discover the world around them.  Whenever formal education ceases, this is not the end. In fact, it is the beginning.  One is no longer subject to someone else’s ideas of what information you should take in.

The freedom to follow your own path is readily available these days.  Any subject can be explored and mastered.  Even people who have settled into the ‘work, home, sleep’ routine can step outside that tedious formula and take up a hobby or interest that is new or old.  Any activity that captivates can be studied and who knows where it can lead?  The possibilities will only be defined by our own minds.

I believe we are truly alive when gaining wisdom for a subject that absorbs us.  It can be simple things such as taking up an instrument (not so simple for those musically challenged) or quantum physics (which may be easy for those mathematically gifted).

Any topic can and should be investigated.  We all have only one life, our time might as well be spent doing the things we find compelling.  Many famous people had strange pastimes, so do not let your uniqueness hinder the pursuit.

Feeding your mind will promote a healthy and happy outlook.  Do not settle for what others want you to learn.  Break out of the norm and pursue your own objectives.  Design your own life by increasing the nourishment of your mental capacity.


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