Accepting who and what we are is frowned upon these days.  As we are constantly encouraged to change.  Mind you, the reformations will be for our own betterment.  Sometimes, it is best to simply acknowledge our faults and move on.  In fact, our shortcomings can be the very thing that makes us unique and that is something, I believe, should be embraced.

Being as these blogs contribute to the never-ending quest for improvement, I recognize my part in the repudiation of what is. I, also, understand that as humans we all have imperfections and so long as those transgressions do no harm to others (or ourselves) I say, celebrate them.  Striving for a higher quality of life does not mean rejection of our morals and standards.  Nor does it give permission to continue to wallow in antagonistic behaviour.  Acceptance of our bad characteristics will lead to the desire to alter them.

I have gone through this over the past year.  Being the sole caregiver for my elderly mother, left me extremely angry.  As the youngest of seven kids, it has fallen on me to be and do everything for our mother.  Looking after my parent is fine, she needs help and I will do it.  What upset me, is that the others have no interest in helping to care for the woman who gave them life.  They, of course, have their excuses for not helping but last year it really ticked me off.

Over the past twelve months I have accepted that it is me who will keep my Mom as healthy and happy as possible.  I, no longer, expect nor foresee any of them changing their ways.  So, while this winter has been tough weather-wise I am not stressing or full of rage, thinking about their lack of aid.

I have taken on the responsibility for her and when all is said and done I, certainly,will have no regrets for my actions.  Since this change in attitude, despite the horrible weather and minor ailments of my Mom, I am happier than I have been in a long time.

Acceptance does not equal approval.  It does allow clarity and the comprehension to balance expectations with what is. It is most advantageous to let things be. 


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