Anger is mostly a destructive emotion.  Yet, there are times when it is appropriate to feel such strong fury.  Most of us have difficulty mastering vehemence as we become caught up in the moment.  More often than not, anger uses us and not the other way around.  There is no difference between allowing ourselves to feel great joy or raging exasperation.  The key is that we ‘allow’ it.  No matter whether the emotion is positive or negative, good or bad, we are the ones directly responsible for the feelings.  I know that is an unpopular notion as it is the guy who cuts us off in traffic that is to blame for us being ticked off.

Like it or not, any offensive behaviour can be ignored and walked away from.  People are committing all kinds of atrocities, all over the world, right at this moment.  Conversely, there are millions of acts of kindness as well.  We can choose to see the glass half full or full of poison, if that is what we want.

The good news is, as easily as we conjure up irritation, we can turn it around and blast it with a bit of humour.  That, always, kicks being angry in the butt.  Sometimes, being hostile is so insidious it takes over your life without even being aware.  This can be dangerous.  It can effect one’s mind, body and spirit when it gets this far.  If one has gotten to this stage, it is time to take a good, honest look at yourself.  No need to blame or shame (that will only lead to more anger).  Simply ask the question ‘why am I so angry?’  Do not riddle the answer with emotion or the truth will never surface.  If the vexation persists try another approach.  Ask, ‘am I doing what I love to do?’  If not, find a way to change.  Then do whatever makes you happy.  One cannot be full of bile doing what they love.

Take heart, there is a cure for persistent anger.  And that is with an infusion of love.  Whether friends, family, pets, hobbies or favourite pastimes, participating in pleasurable activities will heal.  Be your own doctor and prescribe a daily dose of fun.  Soon, anger will be irradicated. 


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