They say ‘being of service to others’ brings with it huge benefits.  If this is true, why do most people hate their jobs?  They are, in fact, providing a valuable service to their employers and are rewarded with a monetary exchange.  I can almost guarantee that the wages were appreciated upon first receipt.  However, over the years a dissatisfaction sets in and the ego takes precedence, falsely inflating our importance.

Voluntary service bypasses that aspect and when done for strictly honourable reasons must be applauded.  So, is it the service that is beneficial or the fact that it is done without expectations of renumeration?  Helping others is always valuable to both the recipient and the giver.  Simply because, as humans we all need a little help now and then and it feels good to give aid where it is required.

We are not alone on this planet and encouraging our fellows human beings to navigate their way along their journey by offering support engenders reciprocal behaviour.

Helping each other, especially through trying times, is appreciated.  Not everyone expresses the gratitude felt and that is okay.  As stated above, receiving the most comes from anticipating the least.  Giving of ourselves in the name of aiding others is the important feature.  Whether what is presented consoles or not.  The real worth is in the donation of time and energy.

Give when you can, to whoever needs it and accept the reward in self-esteem.  That, in itself, will bring about a loving mindset.  Love is a wage that will never be scorned.


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