Humour Everywhere

Humour is a fantastic part of life.  It keeps one light-hearted and allows for joy to enter our worlds.  Now, there are claims that people lack this saving grace and are quite happy in their serious misery.  Not necessarily so.

Finding the fun in every circumstance can be difficult.  Yet, even those dark, tragic times when life kicks you in the butt there are aspects that can be looked at with humour.  It may not be the actual event but the people involved or the strangeness of our human idiosyncrasies, that can be laughed at or with.  No matter how staid or solemn a person believes themselves to be, we all love to have fun.

Each individual has a unique way in which comedy can manifest.  And it may be that even those closest to us do not understand why ‘The Three Stooges’ are funny; if it makes you chuckle, hang on to it.  No one should take away your joy.  Nor should we allow the people who do not comprehend our sense of the ridiculous to influence that which we find comical.

The next best thing to giggling with glee is, of course, sharing it.  No wonder a large percentage of single people rank humour as an important element in their quest for a potential partner.  Participating in hilarity together brings about a special bond.  It even works over the Internet.  Despite the fact, that writing humour is harder than conversing in person.  The written word has no tonal inflections nor can it provide a humourous raised eyebrow.  It can be accomplished though.

As everything in life, what you look for, you find.  So, seek out the hilarious, examine the ironic absurd and search for anything that brings jubilation to our, otherwise, dreary lives.  Humour is a great way to let go of the horrible and create happiness for ourselves and others.


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