The Greatest Resolution

Making resolutions is never something to indulge in.  At one time, I did this and after breaking them year after year the practice ceased.  Yet, come the new year, the urge to set goals rears its ugly head.  Whether designing intentions or proposing positive changes, it all amounts to the same thing.  Resolving to do or be different in the future.

Forming such promises and sticking to them is wonderful, yet how often does that happen?  If you are one of those rare people, pat yourself on the back and be proud of your accomplishments.  For the rest of us, mere mortals, I have found the greatest resolution.  Yes, I know this is a bold statement.  What I am suggesting is so simple it may seem impossibly redundant.

I submit that in this new year of 2017 each of us resolves to be/do better than the day before.

Everyone can have an off day but to daily commit to making the effort of higher quality will propel us to greater heights.  If one is stuck, it can be broken down to moment by moment or second by second.  We are all capable of improving any aspects of our lives and reaching for the best in ourselves.  This will bring about the useful changes and give us the confidence to keep going.

Is this possible?  How can we keep cultivating the progress for betterment?  I am not advocating perfection, (no such thing) however tiny amendments can be implemented that will alter the course of an entire life.  It is the little things that contribute the most to advancing our mindset.  And that, in turn, will change everything.

So, write on a piece of paper ‘I, (Name), resolve to do and be better than I was yesterday.’  Keep this where you can see it daily.  Develop the habit of reading it aloud and do not give up.


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