The Road To Happiness

Happiness is the one thing everyone wants.  Some would trade in untold riches for a few moments of sheer joy.  Yet, it eludes the wealthy and poverty-stricken alike.  The only limits on reaching enjoyment are created by our own minds.

No one can exercise their will to force another to be happy.  Despite how much we may want to share the bliss.  What makes me happy, may be the most dull thing in the world to another.  Conversely, someone else’s idea of joy, may be a death knell towards pleasure, as far as I am concerned.

The path to happiness is different for everyone.  And that is as it should be.  Delighting in unusual activities (so long as no one is harmed) makes for interesting characteristics.  If making walls, brings about merriment, be like Churchill and spend your time mixing cement to brick up a standing feature.  If painting stimulates your senses, carry on illustrating.  If working on cars keeps you enthralled, by all means, put together a dune buggy.

We all must blaze a trail to our own pleasurable pursuits.  While never allowing others to stifle those longings.  To have our spirits dashed simply because it is ‘not normal’ behaviour is silly.  (Once again, so long as these pleasures do no harm).  

Sometimes we have to mentally struggle with ourselves to conjure up the courage to take part.  The right to happiness is for everyone.  When one finds the things that they find fun, I say, engage.  Allowing others the liberty to follow their delight-filled ventures is joyous for everyone.  Try as many different alternatives as it may take.  Once a favourable pastime is discovered, continue on that trail until something else takes your fancy.

The road to happiness lies within each of us.  I may wind and turn, or twist and wobble but keep following it and you will never go wrong.


Positive Beliefs

The way we view the world has everything to do with what we believe.  As they say ‘the glass is either half full or half empty’.  (Do not know why it matters so long as the cup can be replenished any time).  There is always a way to look at situations and find a positive view.

Having written that, I struggle with being optimistic.  There are times when the brightest lights are obscured by a dark cloud hovering over my head.

It has taken decades to learn that the shroud can be eradicated with better judgements.  One saving grace is , of course, humour.  If you can find one aspect of the gloom to poke fun at, a tiny chink of light breaks through.  And all of a sudden, there is a warm glow where the black frame of mind used to be.

This shows that we can change our dispositions any time we want.  It may take effort to navigate through the stages but presuming this has to be difficult is a misnomer.  It can be as pleasant as required.

The tricky thing about seeing the bright side, is not everyone will agree.  In fact, some (and they can be the people closest to us) will only focus on the negatives.  And as we are encouraged to dump these ‘naysayers’, it is not that easy when it is a loved one who is struggling with their own demons.  Aiding with someone’s mental health issues can be tough on all.  It is well worth the strain to remind those near and dear to us, that they are loved and not alone.  Injecting a bit of wit always improves one’s outlook.

As it is ‪@Bell_LetsTalk‬ day let us do our best to show some understanding and kindness for those combating their minds to believe in a positive point of view.  We all can use some practical help from time to time and some need it more than others.  Having an optimistic way of thinking can be learned.  Let your creativity loose and enjoy.

Imaginative Fun

As kids we spend most of our time creating enjoyment.  No one needs to be organized with structured activities.  Walking along the road can become an adventure in a pirate’s buried treasure.  Whatever comes to mind is there to be rejoiced in.  Unfortunately, as adults we are discouraged from such fantasies.  I venture to say, it would do a great deal of good to revisit our childhoods on occasion.  For the simple reason, that the liberation would bring about much benefit.

Using the imagination is not only for younger generations.  Contrary to popular belief, older people, right up to the elderly, possess that resource in abundance.  Yet, western societies rarely offer them the opportunity to share that valuable commodity.  They would rather ignore or disregard anyone who has reached a venerable time of life.  It is a shame, as humans over the age of 35, 45, 55 (pick a number) have a volume of life experiences that can be expanded on and exaggerated into entertaining stories,

Young and old, alike, should flex this muscle often.  It is an attribute that is under-valued by the general population.  However, if each individual got the ball rolling by engaging with parents, grandparents and crazy aunts or uncles, a multitude of merriment can be had.  All it takes is to listen to the amusing anecdotes of others. 

Some have allowed these clever narratives to remain dormant in the mind for far too long.  Break out of the norm and do not let what is supposed to be ‘acceptable behaviour’ trap you into a dull existence.  Use that brain you were given and share the ingenious, forces behind it.

Life is too short to have someone else dictate how or what you should think.  Use the imagination for fun and it will not only benefit those around you but it may spark something that propels you to higher and higher levels of playfulness.  Open up to the freedom.

Give Value

Helping our fellow human beings is something we all do.  Whether it is guiding our children through their formative years and beyond or simply lending a hand to a friend with a tricky life situation.  It is enjoyable to know that our advice and insights have given solace to those in need.

These days there are many people attempting to parley this aspect of their lives into a business.  Yes, the well-meaning really do want to assist others to reach their potential but some are, quite frankly, in it for a quick buck.  Luckily, they do not last long.

The key difference between the bogus frauds and those truly out to improve is the value on offer.  No one gives away everything for free (especially in business) but the people who care enough about their clients (as people and not just sources of money) will put in time and effort to back their products and encourage the customers to succeed.  They are the ones who understand ‘when the client wins, so do they’.

I have to admit, there is a part of me that finds the personal developement field, a sham.  Yes, I know if it were a doctor’s expertise one sought out, they would be paid but I am in Canada and we do not pay doctors (not outright, anyway.  Taxes!). It does make me think, self-help guru’s are akin to friends giving counsel.  How many of us pay our friends for their valuable expertise?  Simply because someone is willing to pay, does that mean we all must?

It is extremely confusing for me especially as I want to write for a living.  Some people find no value in the written word.  Yet, think nothing of paying thousands for a computer to read another’s work.  I have decided to present as much helpful information as I can with blogs and entertainment within novels.  In the hopes that others will reciprocate monetarily when merited.

Never Give Up

Churchill’s saying ‘Never, never, never, never . . . (ad infinitum) . . . give up’ is a motto to live by.  The man took on a world gone mad and through sheer tenacious stubbornness held off an evil which threatened to invade the free societies of this planet.

Having a dream is not as earth scattering as war (unless that is your dream? Then you have bigger problems than I can advise you on) but allowing setbacks or frustrations to destroy your will to carry on is the key to failure.

Some say never trying is the single most defeatist attitude however, to give up is just as destructive.  ‘It is always darkest before the dawn’ and to walk away, prior to daybreak, one forfeits seeing a beautiful sunrise and squanders the opportunity to bask in the light.

The decision to pursue a vision can be terrifying but once that verdict has been reached, the journey begins.  As no trek is a smooth run we would do best to expect all manner of obstacles.  It is inevitable and should not put us off.  Knowing this small truth is exactly what stops many from taking a chance on changing their circumstances.  Slaying the dragon they know is so much easier than stretching and growing.  Despite the fact, that advancing may be part of the goal.

So, how does one go about convincing themselves to forge ahead to reach a desire.  The first step is to believe in the end goal.  Know that the quest you are on is your destiny.  Doubtless, unwavering must be ingrained in every fibre of your being.  Confidence in one’s abilities has to be uppermost.  Yet, not having all the answers is part of the passage that is the most interesting and fun.

Once the conviction is settled it is time to share that expectation with anyone you come in contact with.  You never know who can help along the way.  Social media can really contribute here.

The last, and most important step, is to never give up.  If this is truly your destiny there is no walking away.  Keep moving forward.  Your destination will not be reached otherwise.


Performing any physical activities benefits the health and welfare of the individual.  So, why do we avoid it?  Playing is fun. We all did it as kids without complaint and without being told to take part.  Maybe it has to do with growing out of that child-like abandon where making mistakes are laughed at and immediately learned from?

There is no reason why adults can not retain that freedom to find humour in honest blunders.  Larking about should be enjoyed.  Although, not all bodily movements are conducted in the realm of sport.  And the older one gets the more caution has to be taken.  No one wants to be harmed in the pursuit of health.

Time and money constraints are the usual excuses.  Yet, we will find the time and cash to do the things we really want.  If we were to discover exercises that were fun there would be no argument.  In fact, designing a personal routine costs nothing and implementing it can be scheduled at your convenience.  As you are in charge, any number of activities can be chosen from weight training to tai chi.  Ignorance is no excuse as the Internet will uncover a wide range of work-outs.

The most difficult part of keeping fit is creating the habit.  Once that is formed and you have found the perfect time and routine, it can be accomplished.  Right up until you stop once.  That is all it takes to return to your slovenly ways.  One has to search themselves and come up with better reasons to continue the work-out.  Otherwise the excuses will win out and all will be lost.  One of those personal tracking devices will help.

Taking care of yourself is an attractive trait.  Members of the opposite sex do like to see a person responsible for their own health.  Not that one should do it for others however, it can be an incentive.  Love yourself enough to keep fit.  Being hale and hearty will do wonders for your mindset as well.  It is surprising how much clarity you gain.  Sound in body and mind.  When that level is reached there will be no stopping you.

Master Your Craft

We all have something that we like to do.  Whether, a sport, hobby or craft; an interest that keeps us enthralled.  This does not have to be a dream career or something with which a hopeful pipe dream is based.  It is simply a subject that brings great pleasure.

In fact, the activity carries such delight that one gets lost in time.  Hours are spent in enjoyable toil.  It requires practise to master anything.  The remarkable thing about taking part in a passion is the ability to forget all other aspects of life.  (This can be a blessing). 

When we participate in these interests for the sheer love of them, a part of our soul is touched on a deeper level.  In turn, the heart is filled with joy.  Leading to an outward pouring of positivity.  Happiness is the one thing we long to share.

Some have been discouraged from engaging in their desires and have been made to believe they are frivolous.  It is wrong to dampen one’s spirit, however well meaning.  Protecting a loved one from possible obstacles is a recipe for crushing enthusiasm.  Never take away someone’s zeal.  Destroying this trait will lead to a downward spiral of mediocrity.  If you want to be ordinary and follow the crowd, so be it.  Shaming another into a dull life is reprehensible.

Becoming an specialist in your subject is so easy these days as anyone with more knowledge than the average person is considered ‘an expert’.  It does not matter if you are labelled an ‘authority’, garner proficiency for your own ends.  Of course, help others, if and when you can but obtain mastery for your own benefit.

Do remember, no one likes a show-off.  Training oneself to be a master crafts person seldom results in boasting as the focus is on the desire not your involvement in it.

Each one of us has strengths.  Do not despair if the power is lacking where the desire resides.  In other words, interests do not equal ability.  Being good is not the goal, doing your best is.