Regular Exercise

We all know regular physical exercise is good for the body.  It is a proven fact.  Medical professionals continue to suggest we all adhere to this wise counsel.  If it is true for our physical well-being, it follows that with regular mental exercise we will be stronger cerebrally.  And our spirit can benefit from a standard workout as well.

What those regimes consist of, may differ from person to person, as we all require unique work in any number of distinct areas with which need strengthening.  Just as some people have upper body muscle and not much in the legs (or vice versa) they build a workout regiment to target the weakest points.  The same can be done mentally and spiritually.

Knowing one’s weaknesses can be half the battle.  As awareness will focus the attention towards the required area.  Too many people ignore the importance of our mental and spiritual selves, until a crisis occurs.  It is akin to the obese waiting for a heart attack in order to lose the weight.  It behooves all of us to take the best care of our own lives and all the entails.  Preparation lessens recovery time if something bad happens.  We understand that on a physical level.  The same rule applies for these other aspects of life.

We all experience mental strain from time to time.  Whether that manifests into a full blown break-down or simply unhappiness of our mundane lives.  All of it can be altered to reach our true potential.  Yes, there are professionals that can and will help, just as there are for the bodily realm.  The same is true spiritually as well.  Seeking help is any area should be seen as a laudable goal.  Do not let anyone else influence your desire to improve.

Participate in regular exercise for the body, mind and spirit.  It will shape you into a well-rounded individual.


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