The Buddha says, ‘Do not be a harsh judge of yourself.  Without kindness toward ourselves we cannot love the world.’  It is as important to think favourably about ourselves as it is to greatly respect others.  Luckily, having a high regard for your own person brings about an appreciation for fellow humans.  One that will allow all of us to share in life’s goodness.

One would think this sort of esteem (for self or others) would be a simple thing to learn and pass on to future generations.  Yet, it seems less so.  Why is it that we have forgotten to accept the fallibilities of others?  Being right has become more important than compassion.  There is something to be said for the gift of showing people a better way.

This can be done without the dreaded ‘pity’.  Never feel sorry for another as that casts ‘victim mentality’ onto them.  Instead, help them to help themselves.  Each of us has the ability to climb out of whatever quagmire we have gotten into.  It is a matter of finding a different path.  Show them how to discover the ‘better way’ within themselves.  That will help to grow their own esteem and in turn will project outwards towards the world.

Finding a superior ‘you’ may not be an easy road to travel but that finer person is in you.  You know it.  (Sometimes those closest to us, know it too.). Take the time to develop a routine that will allow your best self to show.

And remember to be kind to yourself if, for whatever reason, you do not or can not live up to your own expectation.  Give yourself a break.  No one is perfect.  Trust that you will get back up, if you fall down.  Apologize, if need be.  So long as you can look in the mirror and appreciate the goodness and kindness staring back at you, you cannot lose.


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