Common Sense

Common sense or the ability to dispense sound, practical understanding in everyday matters seems to be disappearing at an alarming rate.  Simple things like common courtesy are falling by the wayside in favour of confrontation and rage.  Whatever happened to ‘live and let live’?

We seem to have lost the knack of offering to others the empathy with which we expect for ourselves.  Every one of us is a human being and as such respect should be given.  Yes, that includes people for whose thoughts and opinions we do not share.

Common sense is a bit karmic in that what you mete out to mankind comes back to one tenfold.  Now, I know emotions can run amok and getting caught up in moments of agitation will cause reason to fly out the window, calmer heads must prevail.

Not everyone has the same insights into basic intelligence and therein lies the problem.  It used to be that the majority believed in similar tenets.  With all this psychological mumbo-jumbo, no one is deemed wrong.  Common sense says there is a right and wrong.  That does not mean, the person who is correct has leave to boast or flaunt a superiority.  Quite the opposite, actually.  Helping another see the error of their ways in a kind and loving way will do more good.

We all need help at times and we are all subject to incongruous thinking (we are human after all).  It is time to return to generosity regarding the general population.  ‘Peace and goodwill towards man’ as the season urges.  Except, go a step further and let us treat each other well the entire year.

It used to be routine behaviour to favourably act towards others and give them the benefit of doubt.  Benevolence and consideration were standard practise.  Common sense states, if you treat others well, you can hold your head up with dignity.  If others do not reciprocate, at least you can be proud of the fact you have taken the high road.


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