‘The ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful’ is one of the dictionary definitions and the one that resonates with me most.  This is a trait that is foreign to some as it must be cultivated over time.  And some are just not interested in putting in the effort.  Yet, using the imagination is what will propel us from the humdrum of every day life into something spectacular.

As this type of thinking is rarely based in reality it is getting more difficult to encourage others to use this fantastic muscle. Reality, is all fine and good but without those few extraordinary thinkers we would all be without things like computers.  What?! 😱

‘Thinking outside the box’ should be the motto of the imagination as this is exactly what it entails.  Kids, of course, use the skill naturally and they can be extremely inventive.  As adults, if it has not been shamed out of us, we are judged to be childish for merely allowing the radical concepts to germinate.  The only time the ingenuity is totally accepted is through the arts.  Yet, even that is not considered a viable option as a way to make a living.  One is shut down quickly if this is a career choice.

That is disappointing as real beauty can come from those so inclined.  The problem is that the rest of the world does not understand the importance of the magnificent.  There are those who only see dollar signs and never associate that with the imagination.  Not unless it can be turned into hard cash and fast.

There is a large contingent of the human race that believes there is no monetary value to be assigned to the beautiful.  But in the case of any art form, it is incorrect.  It seems to me, if one enjoys the work of another they should reciprocate in whatever way they can.  Give and take.  Value for value.  It is up to all of us to step up and be responsible for compensating those that educate and/or entertain us.


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