Serenity is the act of being unperturbed.  How I long to be at peace with all around me.  The world, for all its globalization, is becoming less simple.  It seems the more we universally view the planet and all in it, the harder it is to stay grounded and remain in the moment.

Why is it that forty years ago people did not consider the impact they were having on others and there was a calmness which radiated from them.  Yet, now that we have taught a generation to be politically correct and consider the thoughts and feelings of mankind, anxiety and stress are so prevalent that the quality of life is meager in comparison.

One would think that regarding others would bring about happiness for all.  It seems to have had the opposite effect.  Obviously, we are doing something wrong.  Can it be that we have taken on the role of making everyone else happy at the expense of our own bliss?  If this is the case, it must stop.  Not only does it rob us of our contentment, it relegates those less fortunate to a victim mindset that will never serve them.  ‘Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime’.

It may be a hard reality to cease free handouts (as it were) and instead educate.  This could be a third world nation or our own children.  Yes, we want our kids to have the best.  Is it not better for them to learn self-reliance and be able to contribute to society and the world in their own unique way?

I believe this is the road to serenity.  Of course, help when you can but go a step further and allow them the dignity to find their own strengths.  We, all, want an easy life and that should include the serenity of knowing one can cope with all of life’s wonderful mysteries.


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