Tai Chi

This was originally a form of martial arts.  Now, of course, it is mostly known for its slow movements, especially in the West.  The easy flowing motions are ideal for older participants who do not want a strenuous workout routine.

I have found the swirling change of positions to have a calming effect on the body and mind.  Add the deep breathing techniques and all anxiety melts away.

Tai Chi is beneficial for all. Despite the fact it is seen as an elderly mode of exercise, the young can take advantage of the peacefulness which it produces.

The maneuvers are extremely simple and so unharmful that anyone can join in.  Even the disabled did not need modify a great deal in order to reap the rewards.

I would highly recommend this form of activity for all.  Whether you possess an athlete’s coordination or are gawky and without grace, give it a try.  It will magnify and strengthen muscles you forgot you own.


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