There are many myths about cats.  Some of them include ‘not having personalities’, ‘not being playful’ or ‘ not being obedient’.  (The last one may be true). In other words, they are not dogs!  (That is definitely true.)

The cat has numerous traits that humans would do well to emulate.  They quietly use their fine-tuned senses I observe the actions of other cats or humans.  They are fiercely independent and do not expect anything else to bring them happiness.  They make their own.  And most importantly, they will refuse to take on someone else’s bad mood.

Living by and trusting their instincts is never questioned.  Doubt and uncertainty only come to the forefront when dealing with the unknown.  It is soon assessed and caution is put into play.  Yet, they manage to endear themselves to their masters, no matter how much aloofness they present.  It is a fine art to appear haughty while beguiling even the hardest-hearted human.

Personally, I was always a dog person.  Preferring their playful goofiness to the stand-off-ish-ness of cats.  Until, one day a friendly little tuxedo feline followed me along the road.  It nearly knocked me over with its close darting at my legs as I tried to evade it.

Yes, dogs are more demonstrative with their affections and they are action oriented.  Whereas a cat can convey the same emotions with the least amount of effort.  This can be thought of as being lazy.  When people do the same thing they are labelled idle, among other things.  Yet, the ease and grace with which a cat will glide through their lives (all nine of them) is astonishingly uncomplicated.

Simplicity is their motto.  They will always seek the road most gentle.  Comfort and leisure are priorities.  Serenity, tranquility and calm all express the cat philosophy.

I have spent a lifetime searching for those things.  And it has been right here, in my cats all along.


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