It seems to be getting harder and harder to be an individual these days.  With the globalization of everything one is made to feel like a pariah if they do not agree and conform to the popular beliefs about what is proported to be normal.

There is non-stop chatter about tolerance (which is a good thing) except it is one-sided.  All these different groups who see themselves on the fringes of traditional behaviours and lifestyles are constantly demanding acceptance (which is okay too).  However, we are at a point where they (and/or us, as the case may be) are insisting on preferential treatment and if that is not forthcoming they will do their best to destroy by publically labelling an individual with any name they can think of that will do the most damage.

Of course, it is far worse for public figures as publicity can be a doubled-edged sword.  ‘You live by the sword, you die by the sword’.  The people who take these actions are as intolerant and bigoted as those they are fighting against.

Respecting an individual’s right to think and be whatever they want (right or wrong) is becoming so rare these days.  I think we should all have the freedom to be idiots if we want.  (And that includes these reputation terrorists).  But I, also, want to bring in a novel approach which is to ‘Do No Harm’.  I am not talking about people breaking the law.  They can and should be dealt with through the proper channels.

Allowing for a person to be who they are and think in whatever way they want.  Especially, if it is different from anyone or everyone else.  Being unique should be applauded, not forced into conformity.  The spirit of the west is based on such ideals.  Time to get some of that back.

You do not have to agree with any of this that I have written.  I respect you enough to grant you permission to be wrong.  (Kidding).

Keep thinking whatever you want.


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