The search for enlightenment has gone on for centuries.  The movement of reason, begun in the 1600’s, advanced ideas such as tolerance, liberty, constitutional government and scientific foundations.  All revolutionary ideas for their time.  A forward way of thinking that most of us take for granted nowadays.

Then there is spiritual enlightenment which is a whole other kettle of fish.  Some say this type of awakening means ‘being separated from the egoic mind’.  There is, also, talk of being consciously awake as a means of enlightenment.  However, that is difficult to determine and/or prove as it varies with each individual.

Self-realization is a form of Buddha-like enlightenment which goes beyond the ego and focuses on our innate potential.  Everyone has the latent abilities to awaken consciousness within themselves.  Very few put in the work to bring about the understanding required to reach such a lofty position.

Today there is a movement to combine the science-based enlightenment with the spiritual aspect.  Using the technology of the day, in order to reach newer heights along both avenues.  Can you scientifically prove that your consciousness has been awakened, using computers?  That will be the basis for the latest enlightened movement.  As with all untested concepts, to quote Gandhi, ‘this will be ignored, ridiculed, fought and then ultimately accepted as evident.’

I believe in order to progress and move the human race forward we have to seek a sophisticated view on all aspects of life.  Despite the scientific world’s attempt to crush the spiritual, we all possess that quality.  It must be honoured.  There is a middle ground where the two can merge and create something greater than each entity.

The next Age of Enlightenment will be as exciting as the last.  I cannot predict what it will discover however, I can watch closely for signs that we are forging paths of science-based, spiritual awakenings.  We, each, can do our own part by seeking to improve and inspire future generations.


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