Merry Christmas

I am so fed up with shovelling, I have decided to take a break from blogging over Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

See you in the New Year.  2017!



Confidence is one of those traits which can be difficult to acquire.  Yet, some people positively ooze the stuff.  What makes one person daring enough to face up to challenges while another will wither and crawl away?

Self-reliance is involved.  The innate ability to believe in oneself.  Not always an easy thing to bring about.  It takes a certain amount of courage to possess an unwavering knowledge that all will be well.  

It is a skill that can be learned.  Affirmations help, however the quickest way to achieve confidence is in positive self-talk.  Build up your inner belief by replaying all the good that is in your life.  Constantly, put a favourable spin on even the worst of times.  If there is a lesson to be learned and knowledge is gained, be assured that that should be the recurring thought one must focus on.

Confidence can be a fragile thing; easily lost and painstaking to regain.  Over-confidence is frowned upon, to the point that the person bursting with this certianty can be thought of as arrogant.  A quiet confidence is far more palatable to our human sensibilities.  All aspects are to be admired.

There are courses and coaches willing to teach the finer points of bold thinking.  Most of us muddle through on our own and achieve what we can.  It is easy to be sure regarding things we are good at.  Do not doubt that practise will bring about an effortless conviction.

Keep striving to reach soaring heights.  The efforts involved will strengthen the confidence muscle.  We all have lapses in trusting ourselves.  Audacity will win the day.  Be brave in the face of adversity.  Charge forward knowing it will all be fine.

Regular Exercise

We all know regular physical exercise is good for the body.  It is a proven fact.  Medical professionals continue to suggest we all adhere to this wise counsel.  If it is true for our physical well-being, it follows that with regular mental exercise we will be stronger cerebrally.  And our spirit can benefit from a standard workout as well.

What those regimes consist of, may differ from person to person, as we all require unique work in any number of distinct areas with which need strengthening.  Just as some people have upper body muscle and not much in the legs (or vice versa) they build a workout regiment to target the weakest points.  The same can be done mentally and spiritually.

Knowing one’s weaknesses can be half the battle.  As awareness will focus the attention towards the required area.  Too many people ignore the importance of our mental and spiritual selves, until a crisis occurs.  It is akin to the obese waiting for a heart attack in order to lose the weight.  It behooves all of us to take the best care of our own lives and all the entails.  Preparation lessens recovery time if something bad happens.  We understand that on a physical level.  The same rule applies for these other aspects of life.

We all experience mental strain from time to time.  Whether that manifests into a full blown break-down or simply unhappiness of our mundane lives.  All of it can be altered to reach our true potential.  Yes, there are professionals that can and will help, just as there are for the bodily realm.  The same is true spiritually as well.  Seeking help is any area should be seen as a laudable goal.  Do not let anyone else influence your desire to improve.

Participate in regular exercise for the body, mind and spirit.  It will shape you into a well-rounded individual.


The Buddha says, ‘Do not be a harsh judge of yourself.  Without kindness toward ourselves we cannot love the world.’  It is as important to think favourably about ourselves as it is to greatly respect others.  Luckily, having a high regard for your own person brings about an appreciation for fellow humans.  One that will allow all of us to share in life’s goodness.

One would think this sort of esteem (for self or others) would be a simple thing to learn and pass on to future generations.  Yet, it seems less so.  Why is it that we have forgotten to accept the fallibilities of others?  Being right has become more important than compassion.  There is something to be said for the gift of showing people a better way.

This can be done without the dreaded ‘pity’.  Never feel sorry for another as that casts ‘victim mentality’ onto them.  Instead, help them to help themselves.  Each of us has the ability to climb out of whatever quagmire we have gotten into.  It is a matter of finding a different path.  Show them how to discover the ‘better way’ within themselves.  That will help to grow their own esteem and in turn will project outwards towards the world.

Finding a superior ‘you’ may not be an easy road to travel but that finer person is in you.  You know it.  (Sometimes those closest to us, know it too.). Take the time to develop a routine that will allow your best self to show.

And remember to be kind to yourself if, for whatever reason, you do not or can not live up to your own expectation.  Give yourself a break.  No one is perfect.  Trust that you will get back up, if you fall down.  Apologize, if need be.  So long as you can look in the mirror and appreciate the goodness and kindness staring back at you, you cannot lose.

Common Sense

Common sense or the ability to dispense sound, practical understanding in everyday matters seems to be disappearing at an alarming rate.  Simple things like common courtesy are falling by the wayside in favour of confrontation and rage.  Whatever happened to ‘live and let live’?

We seem to have lost the knack of offering to others the empathy with which we expect for ourselves.  Every one of us is a human being and as such respect should be given.  Yes, that includes people for whose thoughts and opinions we do not share.

Common sense is a bit karmic in that what you mete out to mankind comes back to one tenfold.  Now, I know emotions can run amok and getting caught up in moments of agitation will cause reason to fly out the window, calmer heads must prevail.

Not everyone has the same insights into basic intelligence and therein lies the problem.  It used to be that the majority believed in similar tenets.  With all this psychological mumbo-jumbo, no one is deemed wrong.  Common sense says there is a right and wrong.  That does not mean, the person who is correct has leave to boast or flaunt a superiority.  Quite the opposite, actually.  Helping another see the error of their ways in a kind and loving way will do more good.

We all need help at times and we are all subject to incongruous thinking (we are human after all).  It is time to return to generosity regarding the general population.  ‘Peace and goodwill towards man’ as the season urges.  Except, go a step further and let us treat each other well the entire year.

It used to be routine behaviour to favourably act towards others and give them the benefit of doubt.  Benevolence and consideration were standard practise.  Common sense states, if you treat others well, you can hold your head up with dignity.  If others do not reciprocate, at least you can be proud of the fact you have taken the high road.


‘The ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful’ is one of the dictionary definitions and the one that resonates with me most.  This is a trait that is foreign to some as it must be cultivated over time.  And some are just not interested in putting in the effort.  Yet, using the imagination is what will propel us from the humdrum of every day life into something spectacular.

As this type of thinking is rarely based in reality it is getting more difficult to encourage others to use this fantastic muscle. Reality, is all fine and good but without those few extraordinary thinkers we would all be without things like computers.  What?! 😱

‘Thinking outside the box’ should be the motto of the imagination as this is exactly what it entails.  Kids, of course, use the skill naturally and they can be extremely inventive.  As adults, if it has not been shamed out of us, we are judged to be childish for merely allowing the radical concepts to germinate.  The only time the ingenuity is totally accepted is through the arts.  Yet, even that is not considered a viable option as a way to make a living.  One is shut down quickly if this is a career choice.

That is disappointing as real beauty can come from those so inclined.  The problem is that the rest of the world does not understand the importance of the magnificent.  There are those who only see dollar signs and never associate that with the imagination.  Not unless it can be turned into hard cash and fast.

There is a large contingent of the human race that believes there is no monetary value to be assigned to the beautiful.  But in the case of any art form, it is incorrect.  It seems to me, if one enjoys the work of another they should reciprocate in whatever way they can.  Give and take.  Value for value.  It is up to all of us to step up and be responsible for compensating those that educate and/or entertain us.