Creating Calm

The world seems to always be in a rush.  We hurry from the moment we leap up, in the morning, to the second we jump into bed, at night.  Our days are filled with to-do lists and the chasing of goals.  All while working jobs and living life.  At this time of year Christmas shopping is thrown into the mix as well.

So, while everything and everyone is accelerating from office Christmas parties to family get-togethers there is precious little time for ourselves.  It has to cease.  This busy season does not last long but there is the next target lurking around the corner (or the new year) that will gobble one up in its anxiety-ridden push.

Time to stop and smell the roses!

No one wants to admit to creating all this panic within themselves, however that is exactly what we all do.  The good news is, that just as the hustle and bustle is of our own making so too can be the peace with which we seek.

Instead of trying to do all and be everything to everybody, we have to say ‘no’ in order to keep ourselves healthy and happy.  Others will baulk, make no mistake about that, yet stretching yourself too thin will lessen the effectiveness you bring to the lives of those cared for.

The point being, we must take time to recharge the batteries.  It is not about anyone else.  To give, we have to have the resources within.  That can only come from peace of mind.

Creating calm will be of terrific personal benefit as well.  To dispose with the fast-paced haste and remain motionless, observing the insanity of the human race from afar, requires some getting used to.

Take my advice, step out of the rat-race, alight from the treadmill and remove yourself from the daily grind.  The world will not end!  And you shall rejuvenate your equalibrium.  Remaining calm in the midst of driving chaos is worthy of admiration.  Tranquility and serenity will allow for a clarity about the unwanted turmoil.

Take a few deep breaths and create your own calm.


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