Leave Them Smiling

As someone whose life goal is to entertain with the written word, a fabulous motto to live by is ‘leave them smiling’.  It is not imperative that everything has to be rip-roaringly funny.  Mostly because humour is a personal thing and can take time to establish a rhythm.  There are universal modes of jesting and the written word is a difficult way in which to convey witty observations without a LOL behind it.  Sometimes, the tone can be misinterpreted and the comedy is lost.

I have stated before that I despise having to label something as funny using LMAO/LOL shortcuts.  I suppose it is a testament to how people have lost the art of discernment when it comes to reading.  Everything is taken so literally.  Mind you, the general public is also ultra sensitive and has a tough time understanding irony.

Needless to say, finding someone whose writing makes you smile is to be revered.  Keep following and support them however possible.

How was that for a sneaky way to drum up a livelihood on patreon.com/JudithWiberg?

Do what makes you happy and keep smiling.


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