An Open Heart

We all have that person, place or thing that we love unconditionally.  No matter the circumstances our hearts belong to that.  There are, also, the opposite feelings for the people, places and things that we cannot stand.  Governments continue to try to legislate against such feelings.  ( I think it is absolutely ridiculous).  We are human and allowed to dislike someone, someplace or something for whatever the reason.  So long as no one is harmed, I say despise whoever or wherever you want.

Having said that, closing one’s heart and mind to the possibilities, is foolish.  It is far more advantageous to remain forthright.  In the age of political correctness being honest is becoming increasingly difficult.  It seems if one does not agree with another (or the popular stance on an issue) than they are the ones who get called names and are given nasty labels.  So, most people either hide their true feelings or do not discuss them.  It is sad to say, that free speech comes at a terrible cost these days.

However, there is good news.  ‘Forgiveness, gratitude and love’ will win the day.  If one is to share these attributes with others there will be no name calling or hard feelings.  And if harsh treatment continues, pour more of the three amigos at the offenders.  No one can continue to fight the powerful forces of ‘forgiveness, gratitude and love’ for long.

Some times, the hardest thing is to bestow these virtues on ourselves.  We can be the ones who need them most.  Yet, it seems, that last in line, is always our own requirements.  That is the signal to step up and open our hearts.  Yes, giving freely to ourselves and others takes a bit of practise.  

It can be done and the end result will be astounding.  Opening the heart to let in ‘forgiveness, gratitude and love’ will lead to sharing these characteristics.  Allowing for kindness, honour and morality to touch the lives of everyone.


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