Original Ideas

They say there are only so many original story ideas and the rest are merely variations of those basic themes.  This may be entirely true.  The same can be said for everything and that is okay.  The missing factor is, of course, you.  And as all are unique, the spin we put on things brings about a new, novel way to view events.

So, I can write about making a better life using the ideas and helpful hints found in many self-help books.  Yet, the emphasis I espouse may be totally distinctive.  Or it could be that I have amalgamated a number of ideas.  The same is true for the many blogs and bloggers that are out in the world.

Topics may be similar.  Advice could be totally different.  The point is, when we bring a piece of ourselves to the writing that is shared, others benefit from our personal experience.  It makes for interesting reading.  Also, that is the reason there can be two completely opposing views on the same subject.

Does that mean there is a right and wrong?  Not in this case.  When doling out instructive counsel the individual on the receiving end must judge for themselves what works.  Testing the numerous theories has to be a singular undertaking.  In fact, sorting through the many options can be an arduous task.  However, if one wants a better result, learning new techniques has to occur.  Picking and choosing is all about personal preference.  What speaks to the soul can determine which option to attempt.  Keeping an open mind regarding the selection is always a good idea as the choices you may think are nonsense turn out to be most helpful.

While the advice that is offered by others in the way of useful information, it is our own responsibility to use it or ignore it.  Educating yourself by reading as many articles/blogs, etc., both similar and opposing positions, will be beneficial in making the right choice.

Be diligent.  Use all that is available and come up with your own original ideas.


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