This is the ancient Chinese system of energy flow.  The word Qigong means cultivating energy.  It involves a series of postures (moving or stationary), breathing techniques and mental focus.  The beauty of the gentle movement is, it is adaptable for all.  The rhythmic motions reduce stress, build stamina, can enhance the immune system and increase vitality.  It is a wonderful method to calm the mind and can be practised anywhere, at any time.

I began to participate in this when I could no longer find the Tai Chi tv show I watched.  I enjoyed Tai Chi and its easy, sweeping gestures.  Finding a video on the Internet involving a Qigong routine, I tried it and have been taking part, ever since.

Without claiming miracle cures, it has been an enjoyable journey.  Is my health improved?  Probably.  Has my energy increased?  Possibly.  Am I feeling better overall?  I would have to answer a resounding, ‘Yes’.  Can that be attributed to the Qigong?  Do not know about that.  I cannot honestly claim my life has improved because of this but I do know when I have not done it for a while, there is something missing.

It is like finding a sport you like and are good at.  You do it and have fun along the way.  Qigong is easy enough for anyone to take part in and it is painless for the body.  There is no struggle or strain.  In fact, if one was to feel pain that would indicate they are doing something wrong.  So what happens to the adage, ‘no pain, no gain’?  Qigong blows that theory out of the water.  Mind you, it is not an exercise routine to build muscle mass.  The gains come in different forms.

It has more to do with shifting energy throughout the body and mind.  Physics tells us we are vibrational beings however not many of us have taken the time to study that aspect of our lives.  Being well-rounded and balanced should be a priority for everyone.  Qigong and its healing properties should be studied as vigorously as the tangible features we all possess.

Do yourselves a favour, be open and give it a try.  You may be pleasantly surprised.


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