Try Something New

The brain thrives on learning.  Once all schooling is over, it does not mean we give up our education.  Obtaining knowledge should be a life-long undertaking.  Simple because one is finished with the governments pursuit of diplomas we do not have to cease our quest for wisdom.  In fact, it now becomes our responsibility to seek out the information that is of interest.

No matter what the subject we intend to pursue, it should hold us fascinated.  What could be more important?  There is always something to discover and grow from.  It keeps the mind in good working order and will create new neuro pathways in the brain.

More significantly it will keep one in a youthful state of mind.  There are times, as we age, that we think we know it all.  It is a falsehood.  A trap.  The ego’s way of shutting down an untried method of thinking that it perceives as dangerous.  Different does not equal peril.

Guarding against such thoughts takes laboured practise.  One must recognize that while the unfamiliar may be out of the comfort zone that is the very thing that will propel the mind into a stronger muscle.  We all want the best for ourselves and others and to achieve that we must stretch every conceivable avenue of our very existence.  As the brain leads the way towards success this should be our first concern.

I have a challenge.  From this day forward, try something new every day.  Learn it; immerse yourself in it.  Pick any subject that you are partial to.  Go as far as you can. Then pick another one.  This way of life should last until the end of your days.  Just think how full your soul will be if you continue to gain intelligence on many subjects.  You may want to stick to one topic.  If there is a limitless amount to glean from it, fill yourself up with it.  That can be just as exciting.

Never stop learning.

Keep inquiring.

Try something new.

Commit to it forever.


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