Share The Love

Contrary to what you may think this is not about promiscuity.  Instead, it is the realization that came to me about doing what one is passionate about.  All the personal development gurus espouse ‘doing what you love’ as the answer to living the dream life.

I agree with it wholeheartedly.  If one loves to cook: by all means don an apron.  If drawing is what one enjoys; spend time with pencil and paper.  Making a living at whatever you love is the ultimate goal.  The part of the equation that always eluded me was sharing the love that one has for the gift/talent etc.  Yes, they can offer a cake they baked or a painting or sculpture they have toiled over.  What I am referring to is opening yourself up to full disclosure about the thing you love.  Bestowing the tender feelings one has for the subject.

That, of course, can be frightening.  Rejection is a possibility.  Most of us would run a mile to avoid such vulnerability.  However, to not be free with the esteem inside will label one as standoffish or shady.  Despite the fact that you are giving.  Presenting from the heart is far more appealing to the masses.

This idea came to me as I began a gofundme account.  (  With any crowdfunding endeavour they suggest you share on social media so your friends and family can chip in.  I was reluctant to do this, because if I wanted money from family or friends I would ask them.  Besides, I do not have many friends on social media and my family do not have the money to spare.  I, also, have a code where I do not want pity money.  If someone truly likes the content of my writing, then go ahead and pay for it.

Which brought me to thinking about how I value the thing I love to do.  Reflecting about a stranger giving me one dollar for my work led to the question, ‘can I provide a dollars worth of value to them?’  The answer is, ‘Yes, of course, I can.’  I never looked at my writing in such terms before.  And that may be why I have never earned a penny from it?  I intend to change that.  (

Take a page from my book.  Share the love you have and who knows what may be in store?  Spreading love will always result in goodness.


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