Breathe In Love

When beginning any sort of meditation, yoga, exercise routine or hypnosis session it will inevitably start with breathing.  Deep breaths in, deep breaths out. The reason for the rhythmic inhalation is to concentrate the mind and focus on the present situation.  Slow down the brain waves in order to relax and get the most out of the following experience.  All good stuff.  Sometimes, I have been exposed to a ‘breathe in the good and let it wash over the body and then breathe out the bad on the exhale’.

While out for a walk one day, I decided to modify this.  On the inhale I thought it best to direct my attention to bringing in the love from the universe.  On the exhale, I chose to release the love back into the universe.  After all, spreading all the bad stuff inside one may be good for the individual but why pollute the world with it?

Give it a try.  Take ten deep breaths.  Breathe in the love.  Feel it and rejoice in it.  Then on the exhale also share the love that is in you.  The beauty of the exercise is it can be done anywhere and as often as one wishes.  The point being is that it is extremely freeing.  Feeling the love and sharing it can only bring about goodness.  It may sound a bit 1960’s ‘peace and love, man’ but really it is reaping what one sows and karma, all rolled into one.

The planet earth has taken quite a bit of abuse from us humans.  Why not set at liberty some of our strongest emotions?They say, a drop of water that someone has beamed love into, when put under a microscope, reflects a beautiful pattern.  If life is vibrations and energy, why not infuse all of it with the greatest gift we have to share?

Breathe in love.

Breathe out love.


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