Right In Front Of You

Most of us have goals.  Whether we are seriously pursuing them or simply wishing for things to be better.  Fact is, the thoughts and ideas are forever running through our minds.

Taking action in order to make the dream a reality is where most people get bogged down.  The usual excuse is ‘don’t know where to being’.  The irony is that the answers can be right in front of the individual and because they are searching everywhere except the obvious, those solutions at virtually invisible.

I shall put my hand up to this ridiculous situation.  For example, someone who has the dream of being funded to scuba dive all the wrecks in the Great Lakes.  They research and watch numerous YouTube videos of others doing, in essence, the very thing they want.  Not once do they think ‘maybe I should make a video and get it on YouTube, monetize it possibly fund my dream’.

Now, more than ever, everyone can (and I mean everyone) take advantage of the vast opportunities that are available.  The problem is the closed mind we all live with on a daily basis.  This has got to change.  Instead of looking for all the reasons one cannot do what they enjoy (and make a living at it) each individual must train their brain to seek out and implement all chances that present themselves.

Starting with the simple choices that are staring one in the face.  The first step would be in admiring what another has done.  It does not have to be in the same category as you.  The next question should be ‘How can I adapt what they’re doing to help me get where I want to go?’  If an answer does not come straight away, do not give up.  Perseverance is as important as anything else when it comes to completing tasks.

Once a solution does appear (even if only a glimpse) take action on it.  The tiniest step will bring you closer to the desired outcome.  Remember you do not have to know all the moves before one can be taken.  If the end result is something you cannot give up, chances are you will reach that goal.

Reading the signs for the next step will become apparent when you explore the things closest to you.  See the everyday with an open heart and the mundane will become marvellous.


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