‘If music be the food of love, play on’.  Mr. Shakespeare was a wise man.  One does not have to be a musician to reap the benefits of this art form.  Whatever type of music resonates with you is exactly what you should listen to.  Styles may vary and change over the years and that is okay, as we all evolve over time.

The auditory sense is another powerful part of every human experience that can be used in the quest to reach goals.  Simply by activating the sense of hearing will bring joy which, in turn, allows for another avenue of happiness.

The act of immersing in music will fire off synapses in the brain.  These will propel the listener to participate in their life’s journey.  Or it may be that all that is needed is to recharge one’s batteries.  Music can do that as well.  In fact, anything that is needed in life can be aided with tones, sounds and melodies.  It can truly be a feast for the senses.

Only recently have I been exploring this resource again.  For some reason (do not know why) listening to the music I enjoy stopped.  Admittedly, life became quite dreary over those years.  Now, that I am taking part in some new-found musicians things are brightening up again.  Coincidence?  Could be.  I like to think there is an unseen connection between the two.  Do not get me wrong, I do not claim that music can perform miracles.  What I do believe is it can alleviate stress and bring about such joy that is changes one’s frame of mind quickly.

To be a creator of such must be satisfying.  It truly is a gift.  Any musicians out there, keep at it.  Sharing that talent is a generous act.  And to those who benefit by listening, please reimburse them for the privilege.  Music, like any creative work is often overlooked.  It needs support.  We all need to give what we can to the people developing and sharing their skills.


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