What If . . .?

These are two of the most exciting, powerful and, at times, frightening words one can use when sorting out a life’s purpose.  The question can provoke dread-filled fear or the motivation to forge ahead and launch your dreams into reality.  It is helpful to connect the ‘what if’ inquiry to positive possibilities.  After all, if ‘thoughts are things’ it is better to dwell in an optimistic, happy state than have the opposite manifest.

Asking this question with the conviction to expect a definite solution, by its very nature, will set into motion an outcome.  Keeping only beneficial views will stave off any of the negatives that life can hand us.

Yet, even the bleak (especially with hindsight) can be looked at with insight and seen in a better light.  Nothing is as awful as we imagine it to be.  The reality of that is, we always find a way through bad times.  Coming out stronger for it in the end.  Does that mean we should wish for harsh life lessons?  No way!  Just have the courage and faith in your capabilities to handle anything.  ‘What if’ you can change the world?

Not to be too political, but knowing the recent US election has brought many to question all manner of their lives.  Think about this, ‘what if’ the new President does a fabulous job?  I know that may be difficult for some to accept but it would be beneficial to all Americans if that were so.  (As a caveat, I am not an American.  I do, however, have a PM that I do not like nor did I vote for.)

There are too many antagonistic forces in the world.  Searching for the means to unite rather than divide (and yes, that means with people you may not agree with) is the path to enlightenment.  Accusing another of isolating while you try to humiliate, disgrace and shame them is like looking into a mirror.

It is best to treat all with love and respect.  ‘What if’ that were to rub off on others and make the world a better place?  

What if . . .?


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