Daily Walks

Participating in regular exercise is of vital importance.  Mentally, as well as the physical benefits.  The medical field recommends it as well as all weight-loss gurus.  It has been so ingrained in the world’s psyche that we all know it to be true.  Do we all do it?  Probably not.  The word ‘exercise’ bring with it a connotation of hard work.  That is a fallacy, at best and an excuse, at worst.  The easiest, most gentle form of workout is to take a walk.

I have always been one for travelling on foot.  Many’s the time, in my 20’s, I would amble through a number of neighbourhoods seeking an answer to the question,’what do you want to do with your life?’ Solutions would come (not always the right ones) and I would act on them or not.  The process of movement seemed to trigger my mind into running at another speed/level.  It never failed to fire up the brain calls and help me think with more clarity.

Whenever a tough situation presented itself, a daily constitutional would not be far behind.  It got me through all manner of teenage angst, right up to the present day.  Unfortunately, I cannot get out everyday anymore but when I can, I do.

Recently, it has come to my notice that while these strolls have aided the process of advancement there is a tendency to dwell on the negative; hoping to elevate from the mire.  Now, I am using the foot journeys to affirm, concentrate on the positive and bubble up with gratitude.  This way, the mental gains being made will overflow with undoubting certainty.  It is re-programming the brain and anchoring it to the physical exertion of hiking.  Soon these preambles will automatically bring about beneficial results without any effort at all.  That will certainly put paid to the delusion that ‘exercise’ is hard work.

Another experiment that I have been testing is to totally clear the mind of any thoughts.  This is much harder as it has been years of searching for answers while walking.  I believe it can be done.

Daily walks give one the time and space to clear the mind.  We must take advantage of such simple solutions and remember to enjoy the view along the way!


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