Animal Instincts

Anyone with pets knows that they can sense when you are happy or sad, mad or calm and most importantly busy or idle.  They will adjust their behaviour based on your moods.  When joyous they will want to play.  If sadness is upon one they will begin rubbing against you to bring a smile to your face.  Sensing your anger will cause them to scatter.  Being calm is an invitation for them to sit next to you for petting.  Idleness results in snubs but get busy and they will do anything for attention.

As human beings we probably possessed these same instincts (I dare say, some of us still maintain them to a certain degree) however, by way of evolution, we have lost the ability to use these intuitions.  Keeping in tune with this powerful force would be of great benefit. Think how useful it would be to know when the boss was in a fabulously generous mood.  A super time to ask for a raise.  Or being aware that the spouse has had a horrible day and not delving too deeply until they are ready to speak about it.  Not to mention, co-workers who are angrily casting out aspersions and avoiding them in order to escape the wrath.

As mentioned above, some people are better at recognizing the moods of others and can, therefore, adapt.  Yet, even the most intuitive can be blindsided by unpredictable behaviour.  Getting caught in the crossfire is never much fun.

It is possible to learn to read another’s disposition.  It takes time.  Body posture, facial features ie; smiles, furrowing of brows, frowning and shining eyes all speak to the temperament of the individual.  And sometimes, one just knows when another person is likeable.  Just as animals always find the people who refuse to admit to liking them, we should all take a page out of our pets book.  Be subject to ascertaining how to discern another’s frame of mind.  I would not advise running away (as my cat does) from anyone unfamiliar.  At least, not until there is a reason to run away from them.

Being an accurate judge of character is an admirable trait.  Study human behaviour and all its frailties then test your results.  Do not be surprised if you are fooled by someone else.  It will occur.  Learn from it and strengthen the natural tendency we all are endowed with.  Using these animal instincts will bring about perceptive and practical bounties in the long run.


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