Re-Reading Self Help Books

Re-reading books always seemed weird to me.  ‘Been there, done that’ was my attitude.  That may be more consistent with fiction than self-help books.

In Andy Shaw’s ‘Bug Free Mind’ books he points out that claiming to ‘know’ books or ideas is only legitimate when you are actually living by them.  For example, if you read ‘keeping positive thoughts will improve your life’ and you wholeheartedly agree, then spend your days judging others in a bad light, spewing hateful epitaphs at the drivers who cut you off or beating yourself up over something in the past, are you taking that idea to heart?

Understanding the significance of the words and literally changing your actions is authentically ‘knowing’.  Living what you accept as truth will bring about the improvements as much as anything.  It speaks to a congruence that is felt throughout the body as well as information to the mind.  The words we speak (whether inner or out loud) can only fool us for so long.  We know, deep down, when we do not intend to take on thoughts and feelings which will require effort on our part.

Sometimes, the very act of re-reading a book or blog will invade the subconscious mind without too much labour.  That is the beauty of multiple perusing of the written word.  So, not only should you re-read a book that has ideas and thoughts that you agree with and aspire to, the best advice is to pour over it numerous times.

Before you know it, you begin to live by the tenets that you have chosen.  This is powerful especially when one thinks about all the garbage that is allowed into the brain by watching, reading or listening to views that may be socially popular but a death-knell to creativity and success.

Find uplifting, life-changing and integrity-based influences.  Then infuse yourselves into all aspects of them.  Be the keeper of your own mind.  You will be grateful for the responsibility and be a better person for it.  Continue reading the books that resonate with your convictions until you are living them.


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