Freedom To Soar

Allowing yourself to soar is all in the mind.  We, each, limit what we accomplish.  It may disguise itself as blaming others or under-achieving behind lame excuses.  The mind will only permit the things it thinks we deserve.  Taking charge of our thoughts (and just as importantly, our feelings) to grant us the freedom to soar is what is needed.

Turning one’s desires into reality is the goal.  We all have that vision of how we want a better life and all that entails.  Yet, we are held back from getting it, for whatever reason, our brain has been conditioned to keep us back and that must shift.  Just as we learned (almost without knowing) to expect less from ourselves, we can use an education to improve our thinking and therefore revolutionize our lives.

The millionaires and billionaires of this world were no different than us as little children.  They simply know more now about acquiring money.  Not all of them do it legally but there are enough ethical wealthy to admire and pick up knowledge from.  With the Internet, one does not even need a personal relationship with the affluent individual.  Although that would be nice and if an email address is obtained why not send a friendly message to them, they may get back to you?  There are other social media avenues to try as well.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  So long as one does not become an annoying pest a result may lead to untold opportunities?

However, knowing what you want and being willing to share with humanity all that you are is a good place to start.  They say, ‘contributing to the world on some level will always bring rewards’ and ‘making life better or easier for others is as important as making money for money’s sake’.  Very true.

Now, money and wealth are not the key element to liberty.  They can, of course, make life so much easier.  Opening up your mind and emotions to let in the freedom to reach heights, heretofore unheard of, will release an abundant nature that will have you taking flight.  Soar, my friends!


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