Blissful Sleep

Slumber is important to all of us.  The body needs it; the mind also.  A correct amount of sleep varies from person to person.  The recommended quantity is eight hours a night.  How many of us actually achieve this?  The restorative effects on the body and mind are a bit of a mystery.  No one knows why we need to close our eyes and allow everything to shut off.  (Despite the fact that the mind never stops).

The different stages are gone through automatically.  No he has to be taught how to put head to pillow and drift in and out, have our brain waves slow down, produces delta waves and finally experience REM (rapid eye movement).  The amount of time spent in each stage can alter with age.  Babies spend half of their time in REM while older adults occupy progressively less time there.

Some people with sleep disorders would love a course on how to fall asleep.  Or if narcoleptic, figure out a way to stop falling asleep.  Most do not encounter these problems.  (Seek professional help if it is truly affecting your lives). Some times, the hardest part about falling asleep is allowing your mind to stop the incessant chatter.  This is where meditation has helped.  The ability to switch off that internal dialogue has been extremely helpful.

There is something to be said for uninterrupted slumber as well.  Whether one disturbs their own sleep or they are awakened by outside forces (people, loud noises, etc.). Constant obstruction of peaceful rest can bring about bad temper, black moods and overall huffiness.  This is not a good look on anyone.  Leading to a downward spiral which results in a negative aura that repels others.

A good night’s sleep, however, will change everything.  We feel better without knowing why.  Our moods are light and fun. We possess a brighter outlook towards all of life.  Everything becomes beautiful again.  All it takes is one night of blissful sleep to accomplish this.  We should all strive to achieve such peace every night.  Imagine what our lives would be like if that were realized?


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