The Little Things

Life is full of significant events.  Birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, marriage, death and birth again, these are all the momentous phases of one’s biography.  With them come the gamut of emotions; grief, sadness, despair, abundance, happiness and joy.  Throughout the lifetime of an individual their path runs its course and we, each, play the hand we are dealt.  Some are more successful at it than others.  We all do the best that we can.

Reflecting on the duration of our existence can bring tears and laughter for lessons learned.  All of which have contributed to the persons we are.  Experiencing tough times may feel like the end of the world yet we benefit in ways that upon ruminating would seem impossible at first.  In other words, everything turns out for the good.  

There is something about the human spirit which will gravitate to our positive side.  Even when it appears that no advantage can be discerned. Careful consideration will bring the realization that something worthwhile has materialized.  With hindsight the memories can be availed to our betterment.

The past, as with our future, can be navigated through rose-coloured glasses or pain-filled fear.  Mastering the Art of productive thinking and optimistic mindset will allow those aspects of our lives to support us in the present.  It is not profitable to dwell in either camp.  The past is over and can not change, the future will be, what it will be.  Right now, the present, shall determine all future events.  This moment, is all there is, to act or not.

Shaping who we are by the efforts we engage in, is life.  Without putting too much emphasis on plans in the offing, we must control the urge to live for an unseen ideal.  Today is as important (if not more so) as any and all visions for the future.

As an entire lifespan embodies numerous inconsequential episodes that lead to the culmination so, too, does every day.  It is the little things we partake of daily that give us all of the emotions.  It is best to lean towards those things that give us the greatest pleasure.


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