Relentlessly pursuing a goal is important.  Churchill emphasized the value of this in his famous speech ‘Never give up (pause).  Never give up (pause).  Never give up (pause)’.  No one ever accomplished a thing by walking away from a worthwhile endeavour.  Edison made 10,000 attempts before coming up with a working light bulb.  Space exploration continues to this day because of people unwilling to let go of their dreams.  (Who knows where that might lead?)

Not all of us have such lofty, world-altering aims, however persistence is the reason we are walking around and not crawling like babies.  All of us with the ability to stand continued to develop the muscles which led to our travelling on foot.  It is done without thought, now.  Incidentally, the same can and will be said about any results that are achieved through incessant exertion.  After the initial fear and trepidation are bypassed, we can become almost cavalier about the fears that stymied us.

As the easy life seems the best alternative it contrasts with maintaining the effort it takes to carry on with an objective.  This does not have to have such negative connotations.  Being tenacious can be simply described as being flexible.  When one avenue does not work, try another road.  It is all deemed helpful, learning experiences.

Sometimes, once an intention is set, we believe the only way to reach said result is to follow the plan mapped out.  Not always true.  It is fine to strategize so long as one is adaptable to change.  ‘Lessons in the present should always alter the future.’

The single most imperative element about reaching a target is flexibility.  The example of an airplane is often used.  As the course is set at the point of departure and continues to adjust until the final destination is reached.  The same can be said for a life. Accepting defeat mid-flight will never culminate in journey’s end.

It is not how many times one falls down but how often one gets up again, that is significant.  Persistence involves forward motion, with occasional side trips.  So long as the desired outcome is reached one must always keep at it.


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