Being There

When my father passed away six years ago, through the grief I came to a realization.  That being, ‘the saddest part of losing someone was their lack of presence meant there were no more memories to be made.’  Yes, remembering past events was good and helpful.  However, there would be no more as he was no longer there.

With no intentions of being maudlin, older loved-one’s die.  It is the price we pay for living.  There is a comfort in friends or relatives being present while going through tough times.  Or if you can be the one giving assisstance by ‘being there’ for someone in need, it is a powerful contribution.

There are times, other than a death, when we could use the strength of another to help us through events such as a relationship break-up, bullying or a loosing of our way.  Without becoming dependent on that other person, as we are all capable of handling whatever life has in store for us.  It is comforting to know that some other human being has your back.

No one likes to feel alone and therein lies the true crux of the matter.  As when hard times hit we all think ‘no one understands’.  Not true.  Everyone experiences the ups and downs of life.  ‘Some have it harder than others’ which is perspective as one person’s pain is as intense as they willingly tolerate.  Others experience horrendous dramas yet seem to bounce back and find happiness again.  Those are the people that can be the greatest teachers.

Whether you know them personally or read about them in books, hang on to the wisdom that can be gleaned.  They may not ‘be there’ physically although the examples they set can be followed and bring joy back.

Reaching out to the vulnerable can be as life changing for the giver as it is for the recipient.  So long as it is done in the name of caring for others.

‘Being there’ for our fellow human beings is what makes for a rich life.  We all deserve that.


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