Having always been athletic and into sports, while watching people participate in yoga the first thought that came to mind was ‘that is not exercise, they are merely standing around in odd positions’.

I could never see or understand the physical benefits of such easy movements.  That was, until I actually took part.  Yoga is hard!  Do not let anyone tell you any different.  If one is to make the effort and go through a yoga routine, be prepared.

Even though the positions, one is put in, looks simple when your arms and legs begin shaking under the strain of a downward facing dog stance, you realize yoga is definitely not easy.  Sweat bursts forth from you brow and before you know it, you are breathing heavily as if you have just run a marathon.  How can this be?  Understanding it is mind boggling.  However, these are the experiences one goes through when taking on the challenge of yoga.

There are many different types of yoga and not one of them is simple.  Which is okay especially as a workout routine.  More than that it helps with controlling the body and mind.  And expands the consciousness to open up to the universe.  As it goes back many generations (some say as far back as 500BC) the benefits of yoga are well documented.  It is advantageous for reducing stress, promoting relaxation, increasing general health and building stamina.  (If you can keep at it long enough). For these reasons it is worth giving it a try.  The practise is not a cure-all but can be used (in moderation) to relieve many chronic ailments.

Yoga has become more popular, in the west, only over the last century (and the later part of that) as there were perceived religious connections which, quite frankly, do not matter.  Unless one is open to exploring them, then by all means, go that route.

As a means of building flexibility, yoga is an excellent way to move and stretch muscles you did not even know you possessed.  If you are brave enough to give it a go, remember you have been warned.  It is strenuous!


Creating Calm

The world seems to always be in a rush.  We hurry from the moment we leap up, in the morning, to the second we jump into bed, at night.  Our days are filled with to-do lists and the chasing of goals.  All while working jobs and living life.  At this time of year Christmas shopping is thrown into the mix as well.

So, while everything and everyone is accelerating from office Christmas parties to family get-togethers there is precious little time for ourselves.  It has to cease.  This busy season does not last long but there is the next target lurking around the corner (or the new year) that will gobble one up in its anxiety-ridden push.

Time to stop and smell the roses!

No one wants to admit to creating all this panic within themselves, however that is exactly what we all do.  The good news is, that just as the hustle and bustle is of our own making so too can be the peace with which we seek.

Instead of trying to do all and be everything to everybody, we have to say ‘no’ in order to keep ourselves healthy and happy.  Others will baulk, make no mistake about that, yet stretching yourself too thin will lessen the effectiveness you bring to the lives of those cared for.

The point being, we must take time to recharge the batteries.  It is not about anyone else.  To give, we have to have the resources within.  That can only come from peace of mind.

Creating calm will be of terrific personal benefit as well.  To dispose with the fast-paced haste and remain motionless, observing the insanity of the human race from afar, requires some getting used to.

Take my advice, step out of the rat-race, alight from the treadmill and remove yourself from the daily grind.  The world will not end!  And you shall rejuvenate your equalibrium.  Remaining calm in the midst of driving chaos is worthy of admiration.  Tranquility and serenity will allow for a clarity about the unwanted turmoil.

Take a few deep breaths and create your own calm.

Leave Them Smiling

As someone whose life goal is to entertain with the written word, a fabulous motto to live by is ‘leave them smiling’.  It is not imperative that everything has to be rip-roaringly funny.  Mostly because humour is a personal thing and can take time to establish a rhythm.  There are universal modes of jesting and the written word is a difficult way in which to convey witty observations without a LOL behind it.  Sometimes, the tone can be misinterpreted and the comedy is lost.

I have stated before that I despise having to label something as funny using LMAO/LOL shortcuts.  I suppose it is a testament to how people have lost the art of discernment when it comes to reading.  Everything is taken so literally.  Mind you, the general public is also ultra sensitive and has a tough time understanding irony.

Needless to say, finding someone whose writing makes you smile is to be revered.  Keep following and support them however possible.

How was that for a sneaky way to drum up a livelihood on

Do what makes you happy and keep smiling.

An Open Heart

We all have that person, place or thing that we love unconditionally.  No matter the circumstances our hearts belong to that.  There are, also, the opposite feelings for the people, places and things that we cannot stand.  Governments continue to try to legislate against such feelings.  ( I think it is absolutely ridiculous).  We are human and allowed to dislike someone, someplace or something for whatever the reason.  So long as no one is harmed, I say despise whoever or wherever you want.

Having said that, closing one’s heart and mind to the possibilities, is foolish.  It is far more advantageous to remain forthright.  In the age of political correctness being honest is becoming increasingly difficult.  It seems if one does not agree with another (or the popular stance on an issue) than they are the ones who get called names and are given nasty labels.  So, most people either hide their true feelings or do not discuss them.  It is sad to say, that free speech comes at a terrible cost these days.

However, there is good news.  ‘Forgiveness, gratitude and love’ will win the day.  If one is to share these attributes with others there will be no name calling or hard feelings.  And if harsh treatment continues, pour more of the three amigos at the offenders.  No one can continue to fight the powerful forces of ‘forgiveness, gratitude and love’ for long.

Some times, the hardest thing is to bestow these virtues on ourselves.  We can be the ones who need them most.  Yet, it seems, that last in line, is always our own requirements.  That is the signal to step up and open our hearts.  Yes, giving freely to ourselves and others takes a bit of practise.  

It can be done and the end result will be astounding.  Opening the heart to let in ‘forgiveness, gratitude and love’ will lead to sharing these characteristics.  Allowing for kindness, honour and morality to touch the lives of everyone.

Original Ideas

They say there are only so many original story ideas and the rest are merely variations of those basic themes.  This may be entirely true.  The same can be said for everything and that is okay.  The missing factor is, of course, you.  And as all are unique, the spin we put on things brings about a new, novel way to view events.

So, I can write about making a better life using the ideas and helpful hints found in many self-help books.  Yet, the emphasis I espouse may be totally distinctive.  Or it could be that I have amalgamated a number of ideas.  The same is true for the many blogs and bloggers that are out in the world.

Topics may be similar.  Advice could be totally different.  The point is, when we bring a piece of ourselves to the writing that is shared, others benefit from our personal experience.  It makes for interesting reading.  Also, that is the reason there can be two completely opposing views on the same subject.

Does that mean there is a right and wrong?  Not in this case.  When doling out instructive counsel the individual on the receiving end must judge for themselves what works.  Testing the numerous theories has to be a singular undertaking.  In fact, sorting through the many options can be an arduous task.  However, if one wants a better result, learning new techniques has to occur.  Picking and choosing is all about personal preference.  What speaks to the soul can determine which option to attempt.  Keeping an open mind regarding the selection is always a good idea as the choices you may think are nonsense turn out to be most helpful.

While the advice that is offered by others in the way of useful information, it is our own responsibility to use it or ignore it.  Educating yourself by reading as many articles/blogs, etc., both similar and opposing positions, will be beneficial in making the right choice.

Be diligent.  Use all that is available and come up with your own original ideas.


This is the ancient Chinese system of energy flow.  The word Qigong means cultivating energy.  It involves a series of postures (moving or stationary), breathing techniques and mental focus.  The beauty of the gentle movement is, it is adaptable for all.  The rhythmic motions reduce stress, build stamina, can enhance the immune system and increase vitality.  It is a wonderful method to calm the mind and can be practised anywhere, at any time.

I began to participate in this when I could no longer find the Tai Chi tv show I watched.  I enjoyed Tai Chi and its easy, sweeping gestures.  Finding a video on the Internet involving a Qigong routine, I tried it and have been taking part, ever since.

Without claiming miracle cures, it has been an enjoyable journey.  Is my health improved?  Probably.  Has my energy increased?  Possibly.  Am I feeling better overall?  I would have to answer a resounding, ‘Yes’.  Can that be attributed to the Qigong?  Do not know about that.  I cannot honestly claim my life has improved because of this but I do know when I have not done it for a while, there is something missing.

It is like finding a sport you like and are good at.  You do it and have fun along the way.  Qigong is easy enough for anyone to take part in and it is painless for the body.  There is no struggle or strain.  In fact, if one was to feel pain that would indicate they are doing something wrong.  So what happens to the adage, ‘no pain, no gain’?  Qigong blows that theory out of the water.  Mind you, it is not an exercise routine to build muscle mass.  The gains come in different forms.

It has more to do with shifting energy throughout the body and mind.  Physics tells us we are vibrational beings however not many of us have taken the time to study that aspect of our lives.  Being well-rounded and balanced should be a priority for everyone.  Qigong and its healing properties should be studied as vigorously as the tangible features we all possess.

Do yourselves a favour, be open and give it a try.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

Try Something New

The brain thrives on learning.  Once all schooling is over, it does not mean we give up our education.  Obtaining knowledge should be a life-long undertaking.  Simple because one is finished with the governments pursuit of diplomas we do not have to cease our quest for wisdom.  In fact, it now becomes our responsibility to seek out the information that is of interest.

No matter what the subject we intend to pursue, it should hold us fascinated.  What could be more important?  There is always something to discover and grow from.  It keeps the mind in good working order and will create new neuro pathways in the brain.

More significantly it will keep one in a youthful state of mind.  There are times, as we age, that we think we know it all.  It is a falsehood.  A trap.  The ego’s way of shutting down an untried method of thinking that it perceives as dangerous.  Different does not equal peril.

Guarding against such thoughts takes laboured practise.  One must recognize that while the unfamiliar may be out of the comfort zone that is the very thing that will propel the mind into a stronger muscle.  We all want the best for ourselves and others and to achieve that we must stretch every conceivable avenue of our very existence.  As the brain leads the way towards success this should be our first concern.

I have a challenge.  From this day forward, try something new every day.  Learn it; immerse yourself in it.  Pick any subject that you are partial to.  Go as far as you can. Then pick another one.  This way of life should last until the end of your days.  Just think how full your soul will be if you continue to gain intelligence on many subjects.  You may want to stick to one topic.  If there is a limitless amount to glean from it, fill yourself up with it.  That can be just as exciting.

Never stop learning.

Keep inquiring.

Try something new.

Commit to it forever.