Take A Quantum Jump

The field of Quantum mechanics concerns the processes of photons and atoms.  It takes into account the superposition of different states.  Without getting too technical (who wants that?) my take on it comes from a MindValley course taught by Burt Goldman, ‘Quantum Jumping’.  The theory throughout the course is, ‘if you can image it, not only may it be true, but you can learn and grow by envisioning a whole other existence’.  Using your mind to visit parallel universes, as it were.

It may sound ‘woo-woo and ‘airy-fairy’ but I assure you it can be life altering.  ‘What if?’  We are all a product of our thoughts so why not use that to reach higher goals and become better human beings?

The first time studying the course, my mind nearly exploded.  Thinking such profound thoughts was so new, it was difficult to handle.  Of course, once these beliefs are introduced and mulled over it becomes self-evident.  So, the brain expands and a multitude of avenues unlock for the available possibilities.  It truly frees the soul

The next venture into this brain enhancing journey came while watching the movie, ‘What The Bleep Do We Know -Down The Rabbit Hole’.  Once again, the subject matter gently guides the mind towards mental activity they otherwise would never visit.  Does the power of observation change outcomes?  If used correctly, this alone, can have untold ramifications.  Learning to view one’s actions and thoughts can bring about the desired changes.  Astonishing!

Continuing to process all that has come in (as it is heady stuff) and carefully reflecting on these new brain waves, I can recommend that everyone undertake a trip through the Quantum world.  Go online and find something or someone in the field that appeals to you and give it a go.

Be prepared for numerous stunning shocks.  Allow whatever reactions to appear and accept them.  There is nothing bad about the subject as you can control it.

Truly, ‘what if?’  Let your imagination run wild with positive possibilities.  Take a Quantum Jump!


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