The New Age Of Enlightenment

The first Age of Enlightenment occurred in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.  The movement was extensively influenced by philosophers and scientists such as Newton, Descartes and Locke.  The core belief was reason with the emphasis on knowledge and progress, leaving a distrust of superstitions.  The movement questioned traditional authority while embracing the idea of improvement through rational change.

Today’s search for enlightenment is similar.  Combing for answers and bucking the norm are sending those in the establishment scrambling to hang on to their power.  Adjusting ‘on the fly’ has taken precedence.  The problem with this is the lies being told and then accepted by society.  Truth and honesty are, seemingly, as extinct as the dinosaur.  Therefore the power of discernment has become a lost art as the lines between right and wrong become increasingly blurred.

‘The idea of improvement’ in itself, has been empahsized to the degree that anything less than 100% effort is unacceptable.  Labels such as ‘slacker, malingerer or good-for-nothing’ will follow.  Yet ‘changing’, while full of trepidation, is what is encouraged.  As if ‘the average’ is without merit.  Striving for better must inhabit our very beings or get left behind.  Hardly an enlightened notion.

In order to move into the future successfully we must acknowledge the past and hold on to, any and all, wise edicts.  Of course, they may be adapted for greater clarity.  They do not need to be discarded altogether, simply because of age.

The past and the future are important however, if one wants true enlightenment they must focus on the present.  We can have a better today when all concentration is on incremental progress.  Illuminations can come in tiny packages.

There are a great many men and women, these days, in search of personal transformation.  Learning from them (or as many as possible) will be of benefit to all.  As each individual improves so do all the lives touched by said person.  It is conceivable to change the world, for the better, one human being at a time.

Share your views and be part of the New Age Of Enlightenment.


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