The Silva Method

When beginning my foray into meditation, this was the first book purchased.  It got me started and led to the enjoyment of breathing deeply, as well as quieting the mind.

That was two years ago.  The length of time seems minute compared to the noticeable changes.  It is safe to say I was angrily riddled with anxiety.  The future was not only frightening, it appeared worse than the past.  The road ahead did not bode well.

Now, there is a calm resolution that pervades.  Not to say, that a worry-frenzy can not be conjured up.  It can.  But it will be quickly recognized and stopped.  Before I began to meditate, all the anxious thoughts and feelings piled higher and higher.  Leaving a mountain of apprehension.

If someone had suggested that meditation could truly help with finding serenity, the entire notion would have been rejected.  After all, only hippies engage in such ‘far out’ behaviour.  The last thing wanted was to become a ‘pot-smoking hippy’ who advocated ‘love and peace’, man!

Not being a hippy, nor a partaker of marijuana, I do believe ‘love and peace’ are forces to be reckoned with.  Without seeming ‘airy-fairy’ or ‘groovy’, in a practical, open and honest, emotion-driven, freedom-seeking manner, meditation will open up the emotional side of any individual.  This will allow for positivity to invade the psyche.

We can choose to flex the every day, negative synapses in our brains.  Or we can stretch and grow the positive aspects.  Meditating shows one that thoughts, when unchecked, will bombard the mind regardless.  Sitting quietly and turning off that inner voice is a study in control.  To master this may take years.

Often it can be accomplished right away leading one to believe that ruminating is easy.  Long, sustained practise of an empty mind takes far more effort.

The best advice to give regarding this is not to give up. Push through the feelings of discouragement and forge ahead with stillness.  Upon finding a distracted mind, do some deep breathing and begin again.  Treat every day as a new opportunity to get the best out of yourself.

That is what meditation has taught me.


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