Does Money = Success?

We all know the answer to this.  No, money does not equal success.  Yet, how many of us want one or the other or both?  Money does not buy happiness yet it does allow for the purchase of ‘things’ that make us happy.  Success can be ego-boosting however some would say an abundance of ego is harmful.

Having money and success is fraught with power.  So much so, it frightens us into sending mixed messages to the brains.  We want these things as a dream life.  The reality of it could be a nightmare.

Those two opposing thoughts are what keep the majority of people from achieving their objectives.  Who wants a dream that will turn into a nightmare?  That is why we must carefully monitor our contemplations.  Cautious consideration is needed to supervise positive outcomes.  Money and success do not have to be the alarming experiences we have conjured up.  Having, attaining and sustaining them can be as much fun as we allow ourselves to believe.

Holding on to those assumptions can be a challenge.  We are human, after all, and as much as we despise change, the mind will adjust frequently when confronted with too much goodness.  Funny that!  In fact, it may have to do with our comfort level.  When struggling for a long time, an easy life becomes full of discontent.  Once again it is all in our perceptions.

To really enjoy money and success we have to be open to accepting the luxuries of life.  Money is simply a means of exchange and success is a favourable outcome.  They can be one and the same regarding a desired life.  People have lived without money for thousands of years.  Yet, success can be found in the tiniest of triumphs.

So, no, money does not equal success and success does not equal money.  Be grateful for the little you have of both.


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