Each one of us has the ability to act without conscious intention.  We move in directions that compel us, not fully understanding why.  This is instinct.

Sometimes, these roads can lead to exciting opportunities.  Or they steer us towards much needed, under achieved aspects of our lives.  To follow one’s natural behaviour may be difficult especially when it goes against society’s ideas of ‘the norm’. That does not mean we should ignore our gifts.  They are there for a reason and being heroic enough to explore these unique avenues can take tremendous courage.

Granted, this is not always the case.  At times, chasing a predisposition is relatively easy.  It is all in the way one chooses to live their lives.  Being secretive and underhanded or open and honest; the decision is as individual as we all are.

Going against our instincts can induce negativity levelled at ourselves.  It would be akin to a dam holding back the water at Niagara Falls.  It wants to spill over but cannot.  It is much better to step back and let nature flow in its perfect rhythm.  Only then will your world open up and you can embrace all that it has to offer.

There is no influence as strong as moral fortitude when it comes to pursuing our natural inclinations.  So, be a kitty-loving, hard core biker or a bald (by choice) woman.  (I know this is a difficult one for most to accept). Being different is a strength.  Who wants to be like everyone else?  And from the outside, looking in, we must reserve judgement until further notice.  Not everything unusual is bad.  Goodness will always reveal itself.

If you are being pulled towards something of interest, yet are holding back because it is not the standard, take a deep breath and plunge ahead.  So long as you are not out to hurt others and your reasons are sound.  If it comes from a place of love, there is only one recourse.  Move forward.

Natural abilities are in all of us.  Being lucky enough to earn a living off them is marvellous.  Exploring them to whatever results, will culminate in a contented, well-fed soul.


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