Life Without Creating

This summer I added a creative outlet to my usual routine.  It was something I had thought about often while never putting into practise.  Now, that the warmer weather is over and I cannot participate in this resourceful avenue I am finding the elation I enjoyed all summer, on the wane.

Could it be that by performing such a simple function life has opened up?  It seems that this is exactly the case.  And if all it takes to bringing pleasure into our lives is by engaging in fun projects, than why not do more of it?  We should not ignore this aspect.

Sometimes, making a living gets in the way of blissful recreation.  And, these days, companies seem to expect people to be on call 24/7.  Work is not everything.  Leisure time is just as important.  Yet, it seems to get pushed to the back burner and stress and worry have become the norm.

We all have our own means of expression that generates release.  It does no one any good to ignore these traits.  For the sake of inner happiness we must let go and attain the internal satisfaction that is sure to follow.

Not everyone wants to work M-F and get rip-roaring drunk on the weekend.  This behaviour has become commonplace and acceptable.  Surely, it is far better to experience a peaceful serenity by activating the creative side of you.  Who knows where that road can lead?

When our ingenuity is taken from us it perpetuates a stale, dulling of the senses.  That would be why bad habits such as alcohol and drugs fill the gap.  I say, ‘fill your heart’ instead.  Do the things that you love.  Do not let anyone else’s opinion sway you from it, either.

Life without creativity would be dead boring and totally without excitement or spontaneity.  We all need that spark.  It keeps the juices flowing and brain cells firing.  Take part in any number of ventures.  Feed your soul and the rest of your being will benefit.


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