It takes a great deal of trust to follow your passion.  Guts, bravery and fortitude are all aspects of confidence needed to forge ahead.  Many of us lack this assurance and we give in to our fears.  I want to remind you that you have more courage than you think.

Having faith in your own abilities is a matter of slowly flexing that muscle until it becomes strong enough to uphold its own weight.  So, how does one build self-reliance?  First, all fears must be eradicated.  That does not mean they will disappear completely.  Far from it.  Pushing through despite any misgivings is what is required.  

Now, I know that is easier said than done.  Sometimes, one does not even accept that there are apprehensions nor are they aware of them.  Question whether it is a hidden fear that is holding you back and if so, work on overcoming the anxiety by pushing past it.  The  thing to do is focus on the passion.  Doing what you love should not be full of trepidation.  It is a joyful activity.  Fear comes in when one wants more from it.

An uncertain future can be fraught with alarm.  However, the unknown must be thought of as your friend.  Only then will you explore the inquisitive side of your nature and allow the concerns to fall away.

My life has been stifled by the dread of a preconceived ominous outlook.  I know what it is to allow worry to inhibit possibilities.  It has taken decades to stem the tide of destruction.

Pinpointing one’s focus in the right direction really does do wonders.  And each day, by taking incremental steps towards a desired result, it brings a quiet confidence.  Before you know it, taking part in new enterprises does not even raise an eyebrow.

So, forget about everything but the joy you will feel while dipping your toes into the pool of happiness.  You owe it to yourself to follow your bliss.  Have enough audacity to catapult your dream into reality.
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